About Me

Hey, I’m Kiri!

My love of travel and exploration began in January 2012 when I first traveled outside of America. I was spending a semester studying at FAMU – the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, Czech Republic. While there I spent endless hours shooting film along the cobblestone streets and watching my images come to life in the darkroom. My project for the semester was titled “End of the Line”, for which I shot hundreds of medium format images of the end of all the tram lines in the city. The second I got back to America, I was already planning my next escape.

That escape didn’t come until May 2016 when I quit my job, sold most of what I owned, drove the rest of my measly belongings across the country and flew to New Zealand on a one way ticket with a couple thousand dollars and no plan. Two years later I’m still traveling full-time, and my travels have brought me from New Zealand, to Australia, to Hawaii, and now to Europe. I travel very cheaply, pick up odd jobs when I need extra cash, and usually find myself dwelling in communities of like-minded people.

I’ve lived in my station wagon, in a tent, and in my hammock for more than 100 days straight (that was a very wet few months). Now I’m traveling in a van with my partner Charles, and needless to say, it’s a huge upgrade!

I don’t travel as if I’m on a permanent vacation, and I prefer to move slowly and get to know a country like a local. If you’re like me and almost never have any money (it’s not too much of a problem, I promise!), but still dream of traveling the world, you’re in the right place! I’ll be sharing ways of making things work on a depressingly small budget, the highs and lows of living life on the road, and what it’s like to travel as an awkward, clumsy introvert.